Rubberex 541

Rubberex 541

Sundrex Rubberex 541 is a high quality light bodied naphthenic type rubber process oil suitable for general use in rubber goods manufacturing units. This oil possesses superior colour, oxidation and thermal stability. This oil can be used in the processing of both natural as well synthetic rubbers.


 Sundrex Rubberex 541 is recommended for use as a general purpose rubber in tyre and tube manufacturing industries, and also in units manufacturing moulded and extruded rubber goods. This oil has been especially developed with properties which facilitate the mixing operation, reduce the compounding time and improve the processibility of the rubber compound. Their non-staining type nature makes it especially suitable for units manufacturing light-coloured footwear or other similar products.


Pack Size
• 10 L / 20 L / 50 L / 210 L


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