Industrial Lubricant

Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic oils from the SUNDREX Hydrex and HVLP series are recommended for lubrication of industrial hydraulic systems, mobile hydraulic fluid power transmission systems and circulating oil systems.

Gear and Transmission Oil

SUNDREX Gearex series oils are extreme pressure oils used for the lubrication of heavy duty industrial gears. SUNDREX Transmex Series oils are premium quality off-highway transmission and hydraulic fluids.

Metal Working Fluids

SUNDREX Cuttex and Neatex range of coolants helps achieve excellent surface finish, longer tool and die life with minimal consumption & cleaner working environment. SUNDREX Rustex helps achieving desired metal protection against rust and corrosion. SUNDREX Kleanex range of cleaners are useful for removing degreasing operations of metals. SUNDREX Quenchex series oils are quenching oils formulated to meet different quenching speed requirements depending upon the application.


SUNDREX develops and produces high-performance lubricating greases for a multitude of industrial applications and for the toughest requirements. SUNDREX Lithrex , Soloplex, Starplex series of greases are designed specifically to meet industry demand for quality greases.

Compressor Oil

SUNDREX Comprex C2 series oil premium quality air compressor lubricants suitable for application in the severe operating conditions encountered in air compressors. SUNDREX Comprex SYNTH+ series oils are premium grade synthetic compressor oil.

Turbine Oil

SUNDREX Turbex T2 Series Oils are premium quality turbine oils carefully formulated for use as lubricants and control fluids in steam, gas and hydro turbine systems operating under any service.

Diesel Engine Oil

SUNDREX Primex series engine oils are advanced performance, premium quality multi-grade and monograde engine oil specially designed for new generation most heavy-duty diesel and gasoline engine applications.

Industrial Oil

SUNDREX industrial oil series comprises of spindle oil, machinery oil, refrigeration oil, slideway oil and heat transfer fluid. These products are especially formulated to meet specific applications serving multiple industries across spectrum.

Rubber Process Oil

SUNDREX Rubberex series products are recommended as a raw material in tyre and tube manufacturing industries, ink industries and other such industries producing rubber components of similar nature. The product range includes aromatic, paraffinic and naphthenic type rubber processing oils.

Speciality Fluid

SUNDREX Cardex Series lubricants are high viscosity residual type open gear lubricants suitable for open gears, wire ropes and chain lubrication. SUNDREX Releazex SD series of proprietary mould and shuttering release agents are specially developed and formulated for concrete industries.

Transformer Oil

SUNDREX Transex transformer oils are premium quality IS:335 certified Type II uninhibited mineral based new insulating oils suitable for application in all kinds of transformers, rectifiers, circuit breakers and oil-filled switches.

White Oil

SUNDREX Whitex Series oils are premium quality technical white oils. These are formulated with highly refined exclusively Group - II low viscosity base oils.

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