What is a lubricating oil?

Lubricating oil refers to any material whether liquid, semi-solid or solid in nature which helps in reduction of friction when applied between two surfaces with relative motion.

Why is Lubrication Important?

Lubricant serves the purpose of reduction of excess friction thereby helping in reducing the wear and tear of machine components, temperature and heat control due to reduced friction and enhanced heat transfer mechanism, protection against biocides and chemical contaminants.

What is the viscosity of a lubricant?

Viscosity is the resistance of a liquid to flow, In essence it helps in gaining an understanding about the thickness of the liquid, thereby helping in deciding the suitable viscosity grade for the machine. It is just another chemical property of lubricant which has no relation with the quality of the lubricant.

How should you select the viscosity of a lubricant?

It is strongly recommended that one should refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the machine or the vehicle in the maintenance book. You can further contact our expert team at Sundrex by writing to us at contact@sundrex.co.

Why is the choice of engine oil so important?

Engine oil acts as a medium of connection within the vehicle’s engine. Suitable engine oil is to be used to prevent accumulation of deposits and in turn causing blockages within the engine. Given its importance, we at Sundrex offer our valued customers the Primex range of engine oil. These have been carefully formulated to enhance the overall life of the engine and reduction in change intervals.

What is Sundrex Self Cleaning Technology?

Sundrex proprietary Self-Cleaning technology allows Primex series to prevent dirt build-up for an extended period of time by keeping the overall acidity and contamination at the lowest. It helps in improving the engine cleanliness and increasing change intervals.

How often do we have to change the lubricant?

The change interval for lubricants mainly depends upon the quality and condition of the lubricant & vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. One can also consider the vehicle usage conditions, weather and road conditions.

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