Moulding Oil

Moulding Oil

Sundrex Releazex SD series of proprietary mould and shuttering release agents are specially developed and formulated for concrete industries using a blend of high quality mineral oils, solvents and specially selected additives and soaps which ensure smooth release and enhances lubricity properties. It prevents concrete sticking to either the mould or shuttering form work, and ISO VG 79, 110, 120, 140, 170, 190

enhances surface finish.


Sundrex Releazex SD series can be used on moulds and shuttering made from timber, fibreglass, plywood or metal for release applications in a wide variety of manufacturing and building applications.

It should be applied neat as a coating on the insides of the mould surfaces and shutters to be filled with cement or concrete. Application by spray guns, rollers or brushes are all suitable ways. These oils can also be used in dilution with solvents such as HSD or kerosene.

Pack Size
10 L / 20 L / 50 L / 210 L


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