Lithrex EP

Lithrex EP

Sundrex Lithrex EP Series greases are premium quality lithium soap thickened multipurpose greases specially prepared for meeting extreme pressure lubrication needs.  These are formulated with lithium soaps, highly refined base oils with inherent oxidation and chemical stability and further fortified with high performance extreme pressure additives which increase the load carrying capacity, shear stability and anti-corrosion properties of the greases. These are available in NLGI 1, 2 and 3 consistencies.


Sundrex Lithrex EP Series greases are recommended for lubrication of all kinds of industrial machinery which use heavy or moderate duty plain and roller bearings, motors and gears operating in extreme pressure conditions. They are specially designed for use in industrial equipment operating in the severe operating conditions often encountered in heavy industries such as steel, mining, cement, etc. They can be used up to temperatures of 140°C.

Pack Size
• 1L / 5 L / 10 L / 20 L / 50 L / 210 L


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