Starplex HD

Starplex HD

Sundrex Starplex HD 2 series greases are premium quality, proprietary greases specially formulated for the heavy duty applications where extreme operating conditions are encountered. They are manufactured using highly refined, carefully selected high VI base oils, compounded with a superior extreme pressure additive package which provides high load carrying ability. Additional anti-wear and performance additives combine to provide excellent tackiness, high mechanical stability, rust and corrosion protection and an exceptional drop point of over 240°C.


Sundrex Starplex HD series greases are recommended for a wide range of heavy duty industrial, and mining applications where extreme operating conditions involving high temperatures and high pressures are encountered for prolonged periods. They can be especially used for applications in areas of mining, metal production, slow moving ball and roller bearings, kilns, drying ovens, off-road operations etc.

• DIN 51825:2004-06 – KP 1 N -20

Pack Size
• 18 KG / 50 KG / 180 KG


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