Hydrex HVLP

Sundrex Hydrex HVLP Series Oils are premium quality HVLP Type heavy duty anti-wear hydraulic oils. These are super-clean oils blended from highly refined base oils fortified with high performance synergistic anti-wear, anti-oxidation, anti-rust and anti-foaming additives which result in improved machine life. These oils also possess high thermal stability, and high load carrying capacity to provide superior performance in severe operating conditions.


Sundrex Hydrex HVLP Series Oils are recommended for all kinds of high pressure industrial hydraulic and circulation systems which encounter high speeds and severe operating conditions. These oils due to their heavy duty type nature are especially recommended for use in fluid power systems subject to shock loads and continuous operating conditions of high severity. They are ideally suited for equipment employed in under-ground, open cast mines, foundries, steel plants etc. Other applications include the lubrication of industrial gears, bearings, and other hydraulic devices operated under moderate conditions.

• IS: 10522-1983 (Re. 2004), IS: 11656-1986 (Re. 2002), DIN 51524 Part-2

Viscosity Grade
• VG 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460

Pack Size
• 1L / 5 L / 10 L / 20 L / 50 L / 210 L


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